11 Aug 2012

Anicoma Diary Chocolate no Mahou ( Shokora no Mahou aka The Magic of Chocolate aka Magis Manis Coklat ) Database #1 : Shokora Aikawa

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Welcome to the Chocolate no Mahou ( Shokora no Mahou aka The Magic of Chocolate aka Magis Manis Coklat ) Plot & Characters Database! From now on, Anicoma Diary’s creator and blogger, Chow Qing will be posting her individually researched and written down information on Chocolate no Mahou right here in Anicoma Diary.

So, for anyone who’s planning to use this database in any way ( such as placing these information and data into your blog posts or etc.), please placed a LINK to Anicoma Diary and do not claim these as your own ( it’s called plagiarism if you copy someone else’s hard work ). Thanks for staying tune to Anicoma Diary!

>>>>> I do not own the Chocolate no Mahou, Shokora no Mahou, The Magic of Chocolate or any of its related works and characters as it belongs to only to Mizuho Rino, the original manga-ka artist. This Database is created by Chow Qing because she loves watching and reading Chocolate no Mahou so much that she is willing spend lots of time to share and spread its interest with the rest of the world~! Many thanks to Mizuho Rino for creating my all-time favourite manga/anime series ever! <<<<<

Real Name : Shokora Aikawa
Status : Alive, Human
Gender : Female
Occupation : Black Witch, Owner and Chocolatier of Chocolat Noir
Manga First Appearence : Chapter 1 – Opera Gateau
Anime First Appearence : Episode 1

Wish : Power to create the best chocolate promised by Kakao to her father, Aikawa Shuga.
Payment : Her soul

Powers/Abilities/Skills : Power to grant the wishes of her customers when her chocolate creations are eaten ( payment would be her customers’ “hearts” ) and superb chocolate-making skills.
Weapons/Items/Props : Her delicious and yummy chocolates of great variety ( :P )

Hairstyle : Long purple hair
Eye Colour : Blue eyes ( Manga ) and purple eyes ( Anime )
Skin Tone : Fair
Clothes : Always dressed in kawaii-styled and chocolate-themed gothic lolita clothes with pretty headwears.

Personality : Shokora Aikawa is a young girl who is always surrounded by a mysterious aura. She is often depicted as a beautiful person by the many people who have seen her. She is always mild when it comes to expressing emotions to the people around her. However, she sometimes overreacts when it comes to Kakao and his actions. For example, she expresses anger towards Kakao’s activities such as touring the city without his cat disguise and eating her chocolates without her permission. Another classic example would be that she blushes quite easily when Kakao protected her from harm or unconsciously hugs her. Although she is somewhat dreamy and blur at times, she has a strong sense of justice and reason. As a result, her chocolates have different payments even if they are of the same chocolates, meaning that good-hearted customers will have happy endings and those of bad intentions will have ill-fated endings.
At a glance, Shokora Aikawa could be said as the exact opposite as the White Witch, Blanche.

Background : Before she began her journey as the Black Witch, Shokora Aikawa lived happily alongside her father, Aikawa Shuga who was a very talented chocolatier himself ( her mother must have passed away ). However, their happiness was short-lived as her father’s mentor, Master Shido creates troubles for her father, in ways such as forbidding the shops from selling chocolate beans to them and burning down her father’s chocolate shop, forcing them to move into her deceased grandfather’s mansion in the woods. Master Shido’s actions had caused Aikawa Shuga to go into depression, causing him to act in a weird and scary manner. In the end, her father summoned the demon, Kakao to grant his wish of gaining the power to create the best chocolate in the world. Kakao agreed to Aikawa Shuga’s wish but only with one condition, he required a sacrifice. In a less reasonable state of mind, Aikawa Shuga then attempted to sacrifice Shokora Aikawa, only to realise that he couldn’t sacrifice his only person in his life and later collapsed and passed away. Shortly after that, Master Shido makes an appearance to mock and demean her father and herself. After Master Shido’s departure, Kakao told her there was no need to do as Master Shido says and was about to attain Shokora Aikawa’s soul, in which she accepts only if the power that was meant for her father from before is transferred to her instead. With that, Kakao agrees and gave her what she wanted. A few years passed, Shokora Aikawa exacted her revenge on Master Shido and continues on with her life as the Black Witch and a chocolatier at Chocolat Noir with Kakao at her side.

( Information and Photo Source : Chow Qing )

Photos of Aikawa Shokora :


Love from Aikawa Shokora & Kakao

An aura of mystery..

Fierce Tension between the Two!

A cute moment of Kakao & Shokora

Concern look

A captivating smile
Aikawa Shokora blushes
Act of violence O.O
Enjoying a Cup of Tea?
Obviously annoyed

Graceful look


  1. how I'm can get the latest chapter on this manga?
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    1. Well, it depends on where you stay :) About the price, I'm not an experienced seller of otaku goods after all XD So, please state your price first and I'll consider. O:)

  2. Well I have until Evil Essence waiting for new one
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    ( I think)thats the title i will write the title list if i know a new 1

    1. Same here waiting for new one XD

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      I'll be continuing the database, no worries~!

  3. I love kakao because he cute in cat form and handsome in human form


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